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Call the visit: (+48) 60 77 88 444

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Our mission

For us the most important thing

is Your Health,

so many years of experience

allows us to treat

effectively and quickly.

Home visit

During the visit, the doctors:

  • provide medical examination and diagnosis
  • will recommend appropriate treatment
  • prescribe prescription (it's also possible continuation of medications taken chronically)
  • issue a sick leave Social Security or child care
  • and if necessary, there is a possibility of drug administration (for example by intramuscular)
  • issue a referral to a hospital
  • calling emergency ambulance

Commuting time to visit depends on the number of applications, implementation occurs immediately after receipt of the notification.

Visits execute on weekdays, weekends and holidays in 8 p.m. - 22 p.m.

(receiving visits to 8 p.m.)